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Your life re-lived

This one is special.


Look again:

And again:

This, dearies, is Paper Arcade, by Fuseball. And we Rodents our proud to the root of our tarnished souls to present it as a little, er, summer present.

Ah, man. Look. Here’s another:

Isn’t it ace?

ISN’T IT? Mini-arcade machines like from out of a cereal packet or something.

Yes. Finally – relive those early-to-mid ‘80s arcade glory days without the hassle of paying for stuff or having to learn how the machines work so you can keep fixing them or negotiating with strange, staring men at frightening auctions.

Here’s how YOU can have them in YOUR home, no matter how small or filthy…

1. Preparation.

You will need:

- A decent colour printer.

- Reasonably non-arthritic folding fingers.

- A forehead-mounted ‘Bio-Tech’ laser-eye, or a pair of scissors.

2. Method.

Go to the following links (click on the picture of the cab you want to make) using the internet and print out the – if you will – paper-engineered blueprints (should scale to fit any paper size* see bottom of this page for more help on printing). Cut, fold, make, be proud of. That is all.







3. Conclusion.

Be happy. Marvel at the detail. Imagine what it would be like if you could somehow miniaturise yourself and play a mini-MAME cab version of the games – er, with a Game Boy Advance stuck inside. Um, and buttons that actually worked.

More to come, soon. For now, though, supergood skills to Fuseball, who thought all of this up and did all of the measuring and line-drawing with his tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth and everything.

He sez this: “Thanks to the guys who do the 3Darcade at Mameworld. Their models were both an inspiration and a great help. I’ve tried to credit the individual modellers on the pages where I used their textures extensively. Gravitar and Robotron don’t have modelling credits, as I did those from scratch”.

Also, blessings on the soft head of young Ahchay, who took these frankly heartbreaking pictures. Oh, and due respect to that cut-out paper Mario site that we can’t find the link for.

So… cut, paste, model, admire, go buy a batch of cheap dollies from Oxfam to ‘play’ the games, stick a joss-stick in the middle for that smoky atmos, maybe feed the earpieces of an old Walkman through for the ‘80s music thing… and, there y’go. Your own arcade.

Send pictures, too. We’d love to see how you interpret and arrange all of this. Usual address – i.e. the Rodent forum, e-mail (, whatever. First person to arrange some actual rodents (mice, rats, whatever) ‘playing’ the games will be our special friends forever.


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*printing help:

The images will scale to fit pretty much any paper size: A4, Legal, Letter - whatever suits. The easiest way to do this is to either insert or drag the image into a word-processing, or presentation package (Word and Powerpoint work well - so will Open Office etc).

1 Click on the Paper Arcade image you want to make

2 When the large image loads right-click on it and save that onto your computer

3 Open a blank Word (or similar package) document

4 Insert the saved picture into this document

5 Set the page margins to the smallest your package/paper-size will allow

6 Stretch (or shrink) your Paper Arcade image to fit within these margins (in Word dragging a corner of the image while holding down 'shift' will keep your picture in the correct scaled proportions)

7 When you're happy that you've got things where you want them - print away!

8 For those of you in certain US states and in Hull - we must, by law, point out that, once printed, these models require cutting-out and glueing together

They'll be waiting to cheer


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