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Hello loves! June has been bloody ace - there's a turn up for them books we all know and love. Right at the start of the month a bunch of Rodents piled off to Funspot in Americaland - and we've managed to squeeze four articles out of the thing so, we're happy.

Then there arrived three fantastic racing games for that Xbox 360 we keep as a noisy pet - and all of them offer something different. We love, and review, Forza 2 and Dirt (Codemasters can fuck right off with the DiRT nonsense) but just because we don't say much about Flatout you'd be wrong to write it off as lazily as we have. Forza has turned out to be a superb racing simulator, sweeping GT4 off it's perch in one neat move. DITr is a terrific arcade racer and looks absolutely stunning. And then Flatout: it's silly, it's Demolition Derby meets something else and it offers the best online experience of the three - played against mates Flatout is a right fucking giggle.

Oh and some other cool stuff happened - we launched (have a little clicky up in the left-hand corner there) and it's gone stupidly well. And we hope you like it too.

Then, bless us all, the Rodent Allstars Five-a-Side Footy team, against all odds, went all the way at the recent MCV & Xbox Game Fives tournament. Well I say 'went all the way', what I mean is 'lost on penalties in the Plate final to Future'. But what a day! One of our finest moments.

Yip Yip Children!

Richard Koworld, July 2007

Look at them guts!
Rodent Allstars
Click for our pictures and match report. If you'd like to.

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Food Fight!



"Anyway, there was a bit of cheese in the fridge that was just begging to be eaten. 'Bonus' I thought. I grated it up and sprinkled it in when I was mashing the spuds. Upon serving, the missus was surprised to find my hidden extra. She was like 'Ooh, you've put cheese in it, haven't you! Nice!!' At that exact moment, a little grey message box popped up inside my head saying 'Achievement unlocked'."



[On EveryExtendExtra] "It's such a wonderful mess of a game: it's a shooter with no shooting, a puzzle game that isn't. Closest thing I can think of is that is a abstract suicide bombing simulator."




"We got a ZX Spectrum 128 for Christmas. Christ knows how my dad managed to afford it. We played Daley Thompsons Decatholon as a family and when white Daley did that 'waving his arms in the air in success' thing I commented that it looked like he was doing something else. My dad clearly thought I meant that it looked like our national whistling treasure was cracking one off into the crowd and I got a telling off. I only meant it looked like he was sticking his two fingers up. This was the beginning of the 'not really communicating' phase that has lasted till this day. Stupid Spectrum."

We proudly present Rodent's world famous bid to list the top 5 of everything in the world.

Top 5 American Food.

'The Forth Meal' - the one between dinner and breakfast according to a poster in Taco Bell.

Anything that comes with a seven gallon soda.

Taco Bell again - and it's the thin thing with the crispy stuff in it as well as chicken and that.

Jalapeno Beef Jerky.

Philly cheesteaks actually from Philadelphia.