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IotM returns, with Junosix


"I've just had the nicest Xbox Live experience.
I've been caning Marble Blast lately, and have only the online achievements to go. So I pop online and start getting absolutely *flogged* by all and sundry... one of the achievements is '75 points in a game', I'm lucky to get 40. So after half-a-dozen games, some of which featured horrendous lag, I decide to bail for the day and play a bit of Geometry Wars.

I finish my first Geommie game and I get a message from one of the guys I just played against in Marble Blast. 'I just checked your Card,' he says, '.and I can't believe you've finished Hexic. If you want the 75pt achievement in Marble Blast, I'll just sit there.'

So I pop back into MBU, meet him in the game, and he just sits there 'til I get my 75 pts. We have a chat, the game finishes, and he says 'righto - gotta go. Nice playing with you.'

No 'let's leech some points.' No 'wanna help me with some other unrelated achievement.' Just a plain, simple, 'let me help you.'"


"I love Big Brother, it means every night for 3 months there's an hours gaming for me whilst Jacqui watches it"


Dio (on Eurovision)
"Macedonia are the winners. Trust me. They have their shit together."

We proudly present Rodent's world famous bid to list the top 5 of everything in the world.

Top 5 Features of the Sony Playstation3 as revealed at E3:
Can play entire Nintendo back catalogue
Innovative 'wand-style' controller

Latest Mario game

Backwards compatible with Gamecube

To be called the Sony Wii


No, we are not joking...


Complete set of back issues here


Cock it, it's bloody big brother time again. And the world cup is starting any time now. Between all my female friends arguing about one and all my male friends obsessing over the other, my summer is all but over before it's really managed to get off the ground.

I think I'll just settle down with this months dose of the original spirit instead.

This month sees the first in an occasional series as we present the Way of the Rodent guide to How To Play videogames. Not quite as wanky as that sounds, this month we've asked strawdonkey to guide us through the more technical parts of Guitar Hero.

Tony caught up with Iain Lee this month, see what he has to say in this month's interview. Meanwhile, both strawdonkey and myself take a breath and reassess our gaming habits. We have a few debuts too - Sir Lans_a_lot takes us through his favourite high score tables (bear with us on this one), Dan Marshall tells us about Gibbage and Ant Cooke waxes lyrical about the mighty Metal Slug.

Reviews wise, we spend some time catching up with Outrun 2006, hit small balls around with Rockstar's latest and, if we can prise matt's hands off his DS, then we'll be hearing about that new Mario game too.


Chris, Editor - June 2006

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